Is High Inflation Driving Alts’ Growth?

The Federal Reserve recently announced a 50bps rate hike, in the wake of a CPI spike that has reached a forty year high.

But as both bond and equity markets have nose-dived, alternative asset managers continue to show momentum. Could inflation actually be helping to accelerate the growth of the alts market?

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Episode Highlights

  • Details on the continued growth of the alts market in 2022, even against the backdrop of high inflation and economic uncertainty.
  • Why financial repression is causing more High Net Worth investors and advisors to reallocate portfolio funds into alternatives.
  • Specific alt segments that have had record quarters already in 2022.
  • Two types of alts that investors believe are highly resilient to inflation.
  • Why the alts space should see continued growth for the next several years, regardless of how the economy is managed (or mismanaged!)
  • Andy’s four alternative picks that HNW investors and their advisors should consider.

Today’s Guests: Jimmy Atkinson & Andy Hagans, AltsDb

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